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Taking advantage of best available technologies, we are able to create any kind of design with simulated movements (kinematics) and possible collision check in 3D. 


From initial project definition to after-sales assistance, Nuova CIBA
provides Customers with a quick and full response to all their needs.
The systems created by Nuova CIBA can be integrated, as required, in different contexts.
Working closely with their Customer, we design the most suitable solutionfor maximizing productivity,
savings and business improvements for each Customer.
Being a lean company, our real strength is undoubtedly our great flexibility and adaptability in managing projects, with particular attention focused on our direct relationship with each end user, ensuring always rapid decisions even in case of changes while construction is underway.
Our management is always personally involved in all these activities. Nuova CIBA also complete our service to Customers as their partner  in all cases where  standard solutions available on the market are not perfectly suitable or competitive pricewise.